November 5: Nakis Lecture
Fr. Georgios Dragas, College of the Holy Cross
The Diachronic Significance of Hellenism for Christianity, Islam, and Judaism
December 1: Music Concert
Hellenic 5
January 26 (Sunday): Touliatos-Miles lecture
Metropolitan Nikitas, Athenagoras Institute
Current challenges of Christian Orthodoxy
February 13: Pelican Lecture
Prof. Amikam Nachmani, Bar-Ilan University, Israel
Greek-Israeli relations within the current geopolitical framework in the Eastern Mediterranean
March 18: Matsakis Lecture
Prof. John Hale, University of Kentucky
Underwater Archaeology in Greece and the Mediterranean
April 23
Professor Nikos Poulopoulos, UM-St. Louis
The Octagonal House and the story of the first Greek Consul in St. Louis