In the 21st century the field of Hellenic Studies in American universities faces serious practical, social, and cultural challenges.  This conference will examine the present state and future directions of Hellenic Studies, as well as strategies for moving forward and dealing with these challenges.  Organized by the Greek Professorship at UMSL, the conference brings together Endowed Chairs of Greek Studies and Directors of major academic programs in the U.S., as well as representatives of the Greek Government and the Onassis Foundation, which have been major supporters of Hellenic Studies programs.

The conference is open to members of the public but advance reservations are required.

List of Participants:

Cosmopoulos, Michael (Hellenic Government-Karakas Foundation Chair, UMSL)
Efthymiadou, Ioanna (Consul General of Greece, Chicago)
Gallant, Thomas (Nicholas Chair, U. of California San Diego )
Ioannides, Chris  (Hellenic Studies program, Queens U.)
Klironomos, Martha (Kazantzakis Chair, San Fransisco Sate University)
Lambropoulos, Vassilis (Cavafy Chair, U. of Michigan) ‎
Panou, Nikolaos (Tsantes Assistant Professor, Stony Brook U.)
Poulopoulos, Nikos (St. Louis Greek Community Assistant Professor, UMSL)
Rapti, Vicki  (Harvard Greek Studies Program)
Sereti, Maria (Director of Educational Affairs, Onassis Foundation, USA)
Theodoratou, Liana (Onassis Hellenic Studies Program, New York University)
Van Steen, Gonda  (Cassas Chair, U. of Florida)