The George E. Mylonas Lecture:
At Home on Board: The Kyrenia Ship and Goods of Its Crew
Lecture by Professor Andrea M. Berlin, James R. Wiseman Chair in Classical Archaeology, Boston University

Friday, November 4, 2016
Lecture – 7 p.m.
The Farrell Auditorium 
Saint Louis Art Museum

The Kyrenia ship, discovered in 1964 largely intact near Kyrenia, Cyprus is the best preserved small Greek merchant ship ever found. Its cargo included 400 amphoras, from Rhodes, Knidos, Samos, Paros, and Cyprus, 45 sizeable unused millstones, iron ingots, nearly 10,000 almonds, a consignment of oak planks and logs – and 109 whole and fragmentary vessels that comprised the goods of the crew. The goods of the crew are portable, and functional. These goods allow us a glimpse of life on board for the ship’s crew’s. In this illustrated lecture these goods will explain the place and date of the ship’s final departure, what the character of the ship’s crew, life in the 4th century BC – and what some of the smallest fragments reveal of the ship’s beginnings before it became a Greek merchantman.

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