Professor Diane Touliatos

Diane Touliatos

(University of Missouri Curators’ Professor of Music, Director of the Center for the Humanities)

The doctoral work in historical musicology was completed by Diane Touliatos at The Ohio State University’s School of Music under the supervision of her dissertation advisors, Richard Hoppin and Milos Velimirovic.
As a faculty member in the Department of Music at UM-St. Louis since  1979 and as a Research Fellow at the Center for  International Studies at UM-St. Louis since 1982, Diane Touliatos has  focused her research efforts in Eastern Medieval Chant, Ancient Greek  Music, and Women Composers. In the area of musicology, she has achieved a world-wide reputation as an internationally published scholar. More  specifically in the area of Medieval Byzantine Musicology and Women  Composers, she has become a leading world-wide expert and consequently  an invited speaker at conferences and university seminars all over  Western Europe,Greece, Poland, Russia, and the former Yugoslavia.
As of January, 1997 Diane Touliatos was elected by the  Humanities Faculty of the College of Arts and Sciences of the University of Missouri at St. Louis as Director of the Center for the Humanities.
Touliatos already has five books in international presses: The Byzantine Amomos Chant of the Fourteenth and Fifteenth Centuries;  Catalogue of the Byzantine Musical Manuscripts in the Vatican.

Most recently she has published Descriptive  Catalogue of the Musical Manuscripts of the National Library of Greece:  Byzantine Chant and Other Music Repertory Recovered (England: Ashgate Press, 2010) and  Women in the Arts: Eccentric Essays in Music, Visual Arts, and Literature [co-edited with Barbara Harbach] (England: Cambridge Scholars Press, 2010). Forthcoming in 2011 is Touliatos’ book HER ART: Greek Women in the Arts from Antiquity to Modernity published in Germany by the Paul Lang Verlag.  Also, Touliatos’  published  transcriptions of Kassia’s music  were recorded by VocaMe with the CD  title, Kassia: Byzantine Hymns of the First Female Composer (c. 810 -843/867) under the Christophorus Record Label of MusiContact in Heidelberg, Germany.  See
Touliatos has also published over 60 full-length  articles in scholarly refereed journals on various aspects of Ancient  Greek, Eastern Medieval Chant, and women composers. Her research in this area has been varied and exemplifies the following research topics: 1)  Medieval Byzantine sacred chants and their historical place in the  different liturgical rites; 2) comparisons to Medieval Western chants;  3) Medieval Byzantine secular chants; 4) Medieval Western, Byzantine and Ancient Greek womencomposers (discovering the earliest preserved music  by a woman composer); 5) catalogues of Byzantine musical manuscripts;  and 6) serial bibliographies on Eastern musical research.
She is also currently working on the following books: The  Musical Treatise of Ioannes Plousiadenos: Translation, Annotations and  Commentary will reveal the cryptic system of modulation within the  Medieval notation of the Byzantine eight modal system and the use of  proto-polyphony in the performance practice of Byzantine music; Kassia  and Her Musical Contributions will focus on the earliest woman composer  with preserved music and her musical innovations; The Muses: Greek Women in Music in Antiquity and Byzantium will cover the role and musical  contributions of women from Hellenistic Alexandria through the  post-Byzantine era; and The History of Medieval Byzantine Music is a  textbook based on Touliatos’ research and lectures in teaching this  course and includes pioneering research and changes in the discipline  since the Wellesz book was last published in 1961.
Touliatos’ research has been supported by various grants  including the Fulbright Research Grant, several National Endowment for  the Humanities, American Council for Learned Societies, three Weldon  Springs Grants (UM-St. Louis), several University of Missouri  system-wide Research               Board Grants, and the Alexander Onassis Senior Scholar Research Award.
As a research scholar and teacher, Touliatos attracts  students from all over the world who come to the University of  Missouri-St. Louis campus specifically to study with her in the area of  Greek/Byzantine music. She has also participated as an outside  thesis/dissertation advisor at the Conservatory of the University of Cinncinnati,  University of North Carolina-Chapel Hill, University of  Maryland-Baltimore, City University of New York; and the Macedonian  University of Thessaloniki, Greece. In the Department of Music,  Touliatos teaches every area of Western music                 history and has developed many new courses in the music  history curriculum. She was awarded the 1990-91 Distinguished Teaching  Award for the Pierre Laclede Honors College of UM-St. Louis for the  seminar”Evolution of Western Musical Styles.”
Although not directly related to music, Touliatos  spearheaded the fundraising drive for an endowed Professorship in Modern Greek Language, Literature, and Culture for the UM-SL campus. She  worked very diligently in this effort by single-handedly arranging for a benefit concert which reaped $8000 and ultimately secured a grant in  the amount of $150,000 from the Greek Government which helped bring this campaign of $1,500,000 to fruition in January of 1995. This effort was  the first endowed professorship in the College of Arts and Sciences at  the University of Missouri-St. Louis and it led to a host of other  endowed professorships that followed in the college.
On November 17, 2001, Dr. Touliatos received the national  Hellenic Spirit Award, a coveted award for outstanding Greek-Americans.  Past recipients include George Stephanopoulos, Senator Olympia Snowe,  and Michael Dukakis. Touliatos was recognized for her pioneering  research in Medieval Eastern Chant and women composers. Archbishop  Demetrios from New York and Bishop Iakovos from Chicago were present for the event.
Dr. Touliatos was among nine distinguished international  artists and art scholars to receive the golden medallion of Rigas  Velestinis on May 8, 2007 in Athens, Greece. This medallion was awarded  by the President of Greece to distinguished international pioneering  innovators and artists,who have promoted and united the common cultures  of Greece and other Balkan nations. Furthermore, Dr. Touliatos was  appointed a University of Missouri Curators’ (Distinguished) Professor  effective September 1, 2007. The appointment was approved by the Board  of Curators of the University of Missouri system.

For  more information on Touliatos’ published works, see the following: Website:

Contact Information 314-516-5904


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