We are committed to producing and disseminating new and original research on Greece and Hellenism through our series of scholarly conferences, the proceedings of which are published.

The Parthenon and its sculpturesM.B. Cosmopoulos (ed.), The Parthenon and Its Sculptures.   Cambridge: Cambridge University Press, 2004.  Pp. 214.  ISBN 0-521-83673-5.

Experiening War

M. B. Cosmopoulos (ed.), Experiencing War: Trauma and Society from Ancient Greece to the Iraq War. Chicago: Ares Publishers, 2007. Pp. v, 288. ISBN 0890056064978

Image (24)

D. Touliatos-Miles (ed.), Her Art: Greek Women in the Arts from Antiquity to Modernity. Mainz: Peter Lang Pub Inc, 2011. Pp. 164. ISBN-13: 978-3631607572

Image (25)

S. Brownell (ed.), From Athens to Beijing: West Meets East in the Olympic Games, vol. I: Sport, the Body and Humanism in Ancient Greece and China; vol. II: East and West, Past and Present in the Modern Olympic Games. Greekworks 2014.

Since 2001, we also co-edit the Journal of Modern Hellenism


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