Certificate in Greek Studies

The Greek Studies Certificate, which combines course offerings from several departments, makes it possible for students to earn the equivalent of a minor in Greek Studies.

Students seeking the Greek Studies Certificate must complete both a language studies component and a focus area component in either: (1) literature and culture, or (2) in archaeology and art history.

The certificate is sponsored by the Center for International Studies in cooperation with the College of Arts and Sciences, the College of Fine Arts and Communication, and the Departments of Anthropology, Art and Art History, English, Foreign Languages and Literatures, History, Music, and Philosophy.

Interested students should complete an application form and file it with the Center for International Studies.

For applications and additional information, contact the Center for International Studies, 366 SSB Building. Telephone: 314-516-5753. Or, send an e-mail message to Bob Baumann at: bob.baumann@umsl.edu.

(unless otherwise noted, all listed courses are 3 cr.h.)

  1. Greek Language
    Students must complete at least 9 cr. hours from the following courses:
    Ancient Greek
      [Curr. Designation: 2770]

      • 001, Ancient Greek 1 (5) [course no. 1001]
      • 002, Ancient Greek 2 (5) [course no. 1002]
      • 101, Intermediate Ancient Greek Language and Culture [course no. 2101]
      • 151, Greek and Latin in English Today [course no. 2151]
      • 190, Special Readings (1-3) [course no. 2190]
    Modern Greek
      [Curr. Designation: 2772]

      • 001, Modern Greek I (5) [course no. 1001]
      • 002, Modern Greek II (5) [course no. 1002]
      • 101, Intermediate Modern Greek Language and Culture [course no. 2101]
      • 150, Modern Greek Literature in Translation [course no. 2150]
      • 190, Special Readings (1-3) [course no. 2190]
  2. II. Focus Area
    Students must complete at least 9 cr. hours in one of the following two focus areas:

    1. Archaeology and Art History
      • 190, Special Topics in Archaeology * [course no. 2190]
      • 309, Archaeological Field School (3-6)* [course no. 4309]
      • 350, Special Study (1-3)* [course no. 4350]
      Archaeology and Art History
      • 111, Art and Archaeology of the Ancient World [course no. 2111]
      • 112, Greek Art and Archaeology [course no. 2212]
      • 212, Topics in Ancient Art and Archaeology* [no. Art 4411/Anthro. 4411]
      • 290, Special Study (1-10)* [course no. 3390]
      • 390, Special Study (1-10)* [course no. 4490]


    2. Literature and Culture
      • 350, Special Study* [course no. 4350]
      • 020, Myth [course no. 1020] 120, Classical Literature in Translation [course no. 2200]
      • 30, The Ancient World [course no. 1030] 115, Greek History and Culture (same as Anthro115) [course no. 2115]
      Modern Greek [Curr. Designation: 2772]
      • 150, Modern Greek Literature in Translation** [course no. 2150] 190, Special Readings (1-3)** [course no. 2190]
      Music History and Literature
      • 327, A History of Byzantine Music and Hymnography [course no. 4270]
      • 101, Ancient Philosophy [course no. 3301] 301, Plato [course no. 4401] 302, Aristotle [course no. 4402]

*Must be taken only when appropriate to Greek Studies.
**These courses will count for either the language requirement or the focus area requirement but not for both.

For more information please contact Bob Baumann (314-516-5753) or email greekstudies@umsl.edu


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