Courses offered in AY 2014-2015 (3 cr. hrs., unless otherwise indicated)

  • Ancient Greek I (Philips)
  • Modern Greek I (Poulopoulos, 5 cr.hrs.)
  • Modern Greek II (Poulopoulos, 5 cr. hrs.)
  • Greek History And Culture: Film And Culture (Poulopoulos)
  • The Archaeology of Greek Religion (Cosmopoulos)
  • Greek Art and Archaeology (Cosmopoulos)
  • Greek Religion and Magic (Cosmopoulos)
  • Greek History (Cosmopoulos)
  • Byzantine History and Culture (Poulopoulos)
  • Urban History: the History of the St. Louis Greek-American Community (Hurley)
  • Archaeological Fieldwork (Cosmopoulos)
  • Greece and European History since 1750 (Poulopoulos)
  • Heroes and heroic tradition in Greek culture (Poulopoulos)
  • The History of the Greek diaspora in St. Louis (Poulopoulos)


For further information please click here to go to the UMSL Course Schedule page or email or call (314) 516-6241


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