The Professorship has been endowed through the Center for International Studies of the University of Missouri-St. Louis. The Greek Professorship was the first of several Professorships to have been endowed through the Center as part of the UM-St. Louis growing international profile.
The Professorship operates with the assistance of an Advisory Board, whose members are both academics and members of the wider Hellenic Community.
Composition of the Advisory Board
Chancellor Thomas George  (ex officio)  
Vice-Provost Joel Glassman (ex officio
Dr. Michael Cosmopoulos (ex officio
Mr. Nicholas Karakas, Chairperson
Dr. Joel Glassman
Mr. George Kantis
Mr. Peter Katsinas
Mr. Elias Matsakis
Prof. Constantine Michaelides
Mr. George Pappas
Dr. George Pelican
Dr. Leon Spanos
Mrs. Chrys Tomaras
Dr. Diane Touliatos